Slowing Down

I am not fast by any stretch of the imagination.  Okay, I can stretch my imagination that far and think I am fast……compared to someone sitting on their couch.  But in the grand scheme of things I am pretty average.  So when I am talking about slowing down, it would be akin to changing from the “speed of sloth” to … Continue reading “Slowing Down”

Training ADD

I have been listening to Brett with Zen & the Art of Triathlon podcast for many years now.  I have even run a few races with him (Rocky Raccoon, Ironman New Orleans 70.3) and chatted with him during the race.  In all of his podcasts, he talks like he is having a conversation with you and often that means he … Continue reading “Training ADD”

Path to Insanity

As I was leaving the RockedKidz Foundation meeting last night, Susan asked me about my training plan for Rocky Raccoon.  She asked if I was going to use the same self-made plan I created last year that lead to my stress fracture.  Ouch.  That left a mark. Thanks Al & Susan for the inspiring words.  So now I am working … Continue reading “Path to Insanity”