Thonnica Khills Race Report

For those of you who are concerned…….. I survived.  But not without a few mud slides and charley horses along the way. I had a few goals going into this race and none of them involved me winning or breaking any sound or light barriers.  My goals were to get some much needed miles on the trails, to test my … Continue reading “Thonnica Khills Race Report”

Convenience or Excitement

I have been fortunate to be blessed/cursed with an overactive imagination. If a psychiatrist or psychologist (still confused on the difference) was ever able to get in my head, I imagine a fancy white coat that ties in the back would be in my future. Thankfully, I have stayed off the therapist couch so I am safe. But my imagination has … Continue reading “Convenience or Excitement”

Ten Ways to Become a Better Trail Runner

One of the lessons learned from my DNF at Rocky Raccoon is that I need to become a better trail runner.  That seems pretty obvious considering the 100 miles are all on trails!  So I sat down and came up with this list of 10 ways to become a better trail runner. 1.  Ignore the no trespassing signs and run … Continue reading “Ten Ways to Become a Better Trail Runner”

Training ADD

I have been listening to Brett with Zen & the Art of Triathlon podcast for many years now.  I have even run a few races with him (Rocky Raccoon, Ironman New Orleans 70.3) and chatted with him during the race.  In all of his podcasts, he talks like he is having a conversation with you and often that means he … Continue reading “Training ADD”