One Year of Crohn’s

April 6th, 2013 One year ago today, I was working in the yard with Christine.  It was a Saturday and Mason had gone to a training class for teaching swim lessons at the pool.  When he got back home he went straight inside and lay on the couch with severe abdominal pains.  This was not his normal behavior. He had … Continue reading “One Year of Crohn’s”

Faster Than the Speed of Pain

A few weeks back, Mason & I were installing a new door frame at our house and talking about his swimming.  During the conversation, we discussed his goals for this year for high school, short course and long course.  One thing on his list was to improve his speed in the shorter races which will then transfer over to the … Continue reading “Faster Than the Speed of Pain”

Coma or Adrenaline Haze

Let’s be frank.  There are only so many posts I can write about testicular chafage or salt-encrusted bonk runs.  It’s Louisiana.  It’s July.  It’s hot.  It’s humid.  And sometimes the running sucks.  But you pound out the miles and absorb the punishment the best you can in hopes of having some awesome runs when it “cools” down. So have I … Continue reading “Coma or Adrenaline Haze”

Phase 3 – Long Run Extravaganza

Before I explain my Phase 3, let me say that I am not starting Phase 3 right now.  I am still in Phase 1.  My main reason for writing this is to lay out my plan and get feedback from people smarter than I am.  If there is no one smarter than I am on this subject, then I am … Continue reading “Phase 3 – Long Run Extravaganza”