Cutting Bait

After suffering through a 5 mile speed work session this afternoon, I decided it was time to cut bait on all this pain, this workout plan and my Boston Marathon qualifying idea.   I don’t know what is wrong with my leg.   The pain started in one area and has now moved to various parts of my lower leg. … Continue reading “Cutting Bait”

Knock on Wood

I am afraid to post that I had a good workout out of fear that I might jinx myself.   After two workouts last week being total crap, I need a streak of productive workouts to erase them from my mind.   And I did not have high hopes for yesterday’s run.   I actually woke up yesterday morning already … Continue reading “Knock on Wood”

Only A Marathon?

I had a conversation at work a week or two ago that went something like this: Co-worker:   So what is the next race for you? Timbeaux:   Probably the St. Jude Marathon in December. Co-worker:   Oh. Only a marathon? Timbeaux:   ……..Uh, yeah. So how do you reply to the statement, “Only a marathon”?   People seem to … Continue reading “Only A Marathon?”

I Believe….Many Things

A few weeks ago I made the proclamation that I was going to try to qualify for the Boston Marathon this year.   One week later I had the worst run I have had in several years.   And it dug deep into my brain and planted a seed of doubt that has been growing.   It was not as … Continue reading “I Believe….Many Things”