Testing Gear for 100 Mile Ultramarathon – Exp 1

If you don’t learn from your mistakes, there’s no sense making them. – Laurence J. Peter. I really am trying to make sure I do everything right this time.  At least everything more right than last time.  Probably my biggest downfall that caused my DNF at Rocky Raccoon was my ignorance concerning my footwear and foot care.  I am one … Continue reading “Testing Gear for 100 Mile Ultramarathon – Exp 1”

Coma or Adrenaline Haze

Let’s be frank.  There are only so many posts I can write about testicular chafage or salt-encrusted bonk runs.  It’s Louisiana.  It’s July.  It’s hot.  It’s humid.  And sometimes the running sucks.  But you pound out the miles and absorb the punishment the best you can in hopes of having some awesome runs when it “cools” down. So have I … Continue reading “Coma or Adrenaline Haze”

Path to Insanity

As I was leaving the RockedKidz Foundation meeting last night, Susan asked me about my training plan for Rocky Raccoon.  She asked if I was going to use the same self-made plan I created last year that lead to my stress fracture.  Ouch.  That left a mark. Thanks Al & Susan for the inspiring words.  So now I am working … Continue reading “Path to Insanity”