Massive Failure

That did not go as planned.  It was a great lesson learned, but it was also painful as hell.  And the lingering effects may be felt well into the weekend.  But I am getting ahead of myself.  Let me start from the beginning. Once upon a time, there was a wee bald-headed man who was training for a 100 mile … Continue reading “Massive Failure”

Ready for a Cold Front

Wet dog……….those two words alone conjure up a smell that often takes hours or even days to remove from your nasal cavities or small enclosed spaces.  Throw in whatever dead animal the dog rolled around on before getting wet,  and you have just cause for locking it outside until winter. Unfortunately for me and my household, that smell often permeates … Continue reading “Ready for a Cold Front”

Training ADD

I have been listening to Brett with Zen & the Art of Triathlon podcast for many years now.  I have even run a few races with him (Rocky Raccoon, Ironman New Orleans 70.3) and chatted with him during the race.  In all of his podcasts, he talks like he is having a conversation with you and often that means he … Continue reading “Training ADD”

Random Thoughts While Running Alone

I often get asked how I can run stupidly long training runs by myself and often on very small loops or sections of road.  It’s easy:  I listen to podcasts and I have an overactive imagination.  Most of my random thoughts are triggered by something I see or hear on the road, but how I get from Point A (the … Continue reading “Random Thoughts While Running Alone”