The Race Does Not Care

Recently a friend of mine, Melissa Samuel, completed her second Ironman triathlon at Ironman Florida. After the race she posted something to the effect that the Ironman race does not care about your life, injuries or excuses. When I read her words, it hit me. That is probably what draws me most to the individual endurance events. The race does not … Continue reading “The Race Does Not Care”

Epic 106: Game Time

This will be my shortest post of the series.  One of the common themes among these articles has been that you must adjust the planning, training, etc. to meet your abilities and your goal.  Running a 5k is much different that running 100 miles which is much different than doing an Ironman triathlon.  So for me to tell you what … Continue reading “Epic 106: Game Time”

The time is now

It is amazing how many people I know doing the Half-Ironman in New Orleans are ready for it to be over with.   Not ready for it to be here, but ready for it to be OVER with.   That somewhat amazes me considering the size of the event, the training it takes and the dedication to achieving a goal. … Continue reading “The time is now”