Interesting Twist

I looked at my training log from last week and the total mileage was 0.2 miles. For those who are numerically challenged, I will spell it out.  ZERO POINT TWO MILES! Now, I had planned this as a recovery week because we would be traveling to Athens for Mason’s Conference swim meet.  Speaking of the swim meet…….. Are you frickin’ … Continue reading “Interesting Twist”

Interview with Mason

I’ve talked about Mason and his battle with Crohn’s many times. This time I will let him tell you in his own words. Timbeaux:  How did you find out you had Crohn’s Disease? Mason:  My junior year of high school I was admitted into the hospital and after numerous tests and sleepless nights the doctors told me I had it. … Continue reading “Interview with Mason”

End of a Series

In December of 1990, my little sister, Wendi, bought me a book called “The Eye of the World” by Robert Jordan.  I was always a big reader and loved reading trilogies or series books.  This particular book was the first in a series called “The Wheel of Time”. Last night I started reading the 14th and final book in this … Continue reading “End of a Series”

Why I Haven’t Blogged

Contrary to popular Timbeaux folklore I am really an introvert.  I don’t like giving speeches.  I don’t like making up things to talk about.  And I sure don’t like talking about myself.  And that is in person or on the phone or even my blog. Now hold on a minute there partner!  I’m looking at a blog with over 800 … Continue reading “Why I Haven’t Blogged”