Find Me A Race

I have decided to ask for help.  As you may have deduced from previous posts, here is the problem:   No fitness level to race = No race on calendar = No training plan = No consistent training = No fitness = No fitness level to race (Rinse & Repeat)   Yep, that about sums it up.  So I have decided to ignore the fitness level part … Continue reading “Find Me A Race”

Epic 106: Game Time

This will be my shortest post of the series.  One of the common themes among these articles has been that you must adjust the planning, training, etc. to meet your abilities and your goal.  Running a 5k is much different that running 100 miles which is much different than doing an Ironman triathlon.  So for me to tell you what … Continue reading “Epic 106: Game Time”

Running FROM Death

I can already hear it.  Someone is going to tell me how dangerous running long distance is and use the recent death of Micah True as an example.  If you don’t know who Micah True is, he is an ultra runner who was a big part of the book, “Born to Run.”  He also goes by the name Caballo Blanco … Continue reading “Running FROM Death”


There are some things that are just naturally compatible:   peanut butter & jelly, Bert & Ernie, tequila and memory loss.   Then there are other things that just don’t get along. This first picture is my 20 week marathon training plan for the St. Jude Marathon.   In case you haven’t read any more of this blog, I am … Continue reading “Incompatabilities”