Plan A to B to E to F

A while back at work, I realized how quickly things could escalate from Plan A straight through B, C, and D.  But that is usually par for the course with just about anything in life.  You wake up every morning with some semblance of a plan in your head, and often times you don’t even take a step before switching … Continue reading “Plan A to B to E to F”

Vultures Are Watching

I ran 20 miles this morning.  Wait.  Let me re-phrase that.  I mostly ran 20 miles this morning.  I will get to the mostly part later. For my past few long runs, I have been running into a calorie deficit in the latter miles.  I usually head out with a bottle of water and run 10+ miles before swinging by … Continue reading “Vultures Are Watching”

Lessons from Road Kill

Today was another one of those rare occasions where I could sleep late.  Mason is at Senior High Retreat with the church youth group.  Lara had no where to go this morning until 10 AM.  So Christine and I had the chance to just sleep in. I hit the road for my run at 6:20 AM.  So much for sleeping … Continue reading “Lessons from Road Kill”