Race Day Forecast Calls For Pain

No.  That is not a typo.  That is a prediction.  And I believe it is about as accurate as most weather forecasts these days. Five weeks from today is race day and I am woefully unprepared.  Not sure where my training got derailed, but it is what it is.  I will continue to prepare the best I can and just deal … Continue reading “Race Day Forecast Calls For Pain”

Interesting Twist

I looked at my training log from last week and the total mileage was 0.2 miles. For those who are numerically challenged, I will spell it out.  ZERO POINT TWO MILES! Now, I had planned this as a recovery week because we would be traveling to Athens for Mason’s Conference swim meet.  Speaking of the swim meet…….. Are you frickin’ … Continue reading “Interesting Twist”

The Race Does Not Care

Recently a friend of mine, Melissa Samuel, completed her second Ironman triathlon at Ironman Florida. After the race she posted something to the effect that the Ironman race does not care about your life, injuries or excuses. When I read her words, it hit me. That is probably what draws me most to the individual endurance events. The race does not … Continue reading “The Race Does Not Care”

The Fine Print

Leatherwood 50K Profile

How many times have you scrolled down that infinite page of text on the screen before checking the box, “I AGREE”, and hitting NEXT?  How often do you take all the “Disclaimer” and “Warning” documentation that comes with your new gadget and chunk it in the garbage while looking for the POWER ON button?  How often do you actually ignore … Continue reading “The Fine Print”

And the Winner Is

The voters have spoken and the winner is…….. I was actually pretty shocked that there were 84 votes on my poll!  The Leatherwood Ultra got 29 votes followed by a big push from the Illinois Marathon folks with 16 votes.  The other races had a pretty even sampling.  What would have been really interesting is if some deranged group added … Continue reading “And the Winner Is”