Why I Haven’t Gotten a Tattoo Yet

Disclaimer:  Before anyone attacks me, I have NO problem with anyone getting a tattoo.  I have NO problem with anyone who has a tattoo. This post is about why I haven’t gotten a tattoo yet. So what’s the big deal?  Am I afraid of needles?  Well, I sure as hell don’t like them, but that isn’t what has stopped me.  I … Continue reading “Why I Haven’t Gotten a Tattoo Yet”


I spent the last weekend in Texas at The Woodlands Swim Team’s Senior Invitational.  Mason and a large group of the Crawfish Aquatics swimmers were invited back again this year to compete against some of the top teams in the nation.  Among the swimmers at the meet was Katie Ledecky, a 17-year-old who holds a few world records. And this … Continue reading “Inspiration”

Epic 104: Motivation

So you have chosen a goal, weighed the sacrifices, and come up with an ambitious plan to conquer your goal.  Now you are probably thinking, “How in the hell am I going to keep going?”  Well, that is a very good question and at some point in your training it will have to be answered. Let’s be honest.  If this … Continue reading “Epic 104: Motivation”

Running FROM Death

I can already hear it.  Someone is going to tell me how dangerous running long distance is and use the recent death of Micah True as an example.  If you don’t know who Micah True is, he is an ultra runner who was a big part of the book, “Born to Run.”  He also goes by the name Caballo Blanco … Continue reading “Running FROM Death”

20 Questions with Timbeaux

I decided to do an interview with Timbeaux to get some insight into the rationale behind some of his stupidity. 1.  Me:  Why are you called Timbeaux? Timbeaux:  That goes back many years to junior high or high school.  My good friend, Jeff Kearns, and I would always answer the phone by saying, “Hey Jeffro, Hey Timbo”.  And that continued … Continue reading “20 Questions with Timbeaux”