I have come to the conclusion that everyone is addicted to something.  Of course, the obvious ones would be drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, Facebook, etc. But there are some less obvious ones as well. Many of my friends appear to be either addicted to pain or endorphins (runner’s high).  Or maybe both.  It is interesting how similar the sensations really are.  … Continue reading “Addictions”

I Believe….Many Things

A few weeks ago I made the proclamation that I was going to try to qualify for the Boston Marathon this year.   One week later I had the worst run I have had in several years.   And it dug deep into my brain and planted a seed of doubt that has been growing.   It was not as … Continue reading “I Believe….Many Things”


It hasn’t been until this year that I have finally acknowledged how tiring stress can be.   I am sure that there is some doctor who can explain all the psychological and physiological reasons why it is tiring, but that doesn’t really help the situation.   I usually only sleep for about 6 to 6.5 hours a night on a … Continue reading “Searching…..”