I spent the last weekend in Texas at The Woodlands Swim Team’s Senior Invitational.  Mason and a large group of the Crawfish Aquatics swimmers were invited back again this year to compete against some of the top teams in the nation.  Among the swimmers at the meet was Katie Ledecky, a 17-year-old who holds a few world records. And this … Continue reading “Inspiration”

One Year of Crohn’s

April 6th, 2013 One year ago today, I was working in the yard with Christine.  It was a Saturday and Mason had gone to a training class for teaching swim lessons at the pool.  When he got back home he went straight inside and lay on the couch with severe abdominal pains.  This was not his normal behavior. He had … Continue reading “One Year of Crohn’s”

Why I Haven’t Blogged

Contrary to popular Timbeaux folklore I am really an introvert.  I don’t like giving speeches.  I don’t like making up things to talk about.  And I sure don’t like talking about myself.  And that is in person or on the phone or even my blog. Now hold on a minute there partner!  I’m looking at a blog with over 800 … Continue reading “Why I Haven’t Blogged”

Three Strikes – I’m Out!

There is something about this mini cool front that makes me want to skip work and go for a run.   I didn’t.   Instead I got to run this afternoon when Mason was at Crawfish and the temperature was back in the upper 80’s.   But the humidity was almost nil, so I am not complaining. My workout today … Continue reading “Three Strikes – I’m Out!”

Mason’s Swim/My Individual Time Trial

Before I get into the story of my morning time trial, let me brag about my son for a bit.   Mason is swimming in the long course state meet this weekend for Crawfish Aquatics.   This was his first year in the 13-14 age group, and the qualifying times had a steep drop compared to the 11-12 year old … Continue reading “Mason’s Swim/My Individual Time Trial”