I Am Off

If you are reading this, then I should be off and running at the Leatherwood Ultramarathon 50K trail race. And for this race, running is a relative term. With the amount of climbing in this race (9684 feet over 31 miles), the ratio of running to walking/crawling/slithering will be lower than for a typical race. But that is fine. I will do … Continue reading “I Am Off”

The Fine Print

Leatherwood 50K Profile

How many times have you scrolled down that infinite page of text on the screen before checking the box, “I AGREE”, and hitting NEXT?  How often do you take all the “Disclaimer” and “Warning” documentation that comes with your new gadget and chunk it in the garbage while looking for the POWER ON button?  How often do you actually ignore … Continue reading “The Fine Print”

And the Winner Is

The voters have spoken and the winner is…….. I was actually pretty shocked that there were 84 votes on my poll!  The Leatherwood Ultra got 29 votes followed by a big push from the Illinois Marathon folks with 16 votes.  The other races had a pretty even sampling.  What would have been really interesting is if some deranged group added … Continue reading “And the Winner Is”

Find Me A Race

I have decided to ask for help.  As you may have deduced from previous posts, here is the problem:   No fitness level to race = No race on calendar = No training plan = No consistent training = No fitness = No fitness level to race (Rinse & Repeat)   Yep, that about sums it up.  So I have decided to ignore the fitness level part … Continue reading “Find Me A Race”

20 Questions with Timbeaux

I decided to do an interview with Timbeaux to get some insight into the rationale behind some of his stupidity. 1.  Me:  Why are you called Timbeaux? Timbeaux:  That goes back many years to junior high or high school.  My good friend, Jeff Kearns, and I would always answer the phone by saying, “Hey Jeffro, Hey Timbo”.  And that continued … Continue reading “20 Questions with Timbeaux”