2013 Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile Race Report

As disappointing as it was to Juba, I was completely coherent for this entire race.  This race report?  Maybe not so much.  A lot of things can happen over the course of 100 miles in the woods.   Loop 1 – The Start of a Long Day(s) One of my favorite parts of an ultra-marathon is the non-dramatic start.  Everyone … Continue reading “2013 Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile Race Report”

Goldenfliers Race Report

99.72% of my training consists of unsupported solo runs.  That is a lot of time to think and plan for all of the stupid ideas I come up with.  A while back I was trying to figure out my long run for this weekend.  I knew I wanted to run 30-35 miles and I was hoping to run some with … Continue reading “Goldenfliers Race Report”

Rocky Raccoon Race Report

This is going to be a difficult report to write because the end result was a DNF (did not finish).  I was 16 years old the last time I did not finish a race and that was because I got bored. This one is in a whole different category.  This will be a long post, so put on a fresh … Continue reading “Rocky Raccoon Race Report”

The Louisiana Marathon

Sometimes you have a well thought out plan for a race and things go perfectly.  Other times you have a well thought out plan and things go down the toilet.  And then there are times when you have a well thought out plan that you purposely crumble up and flush down the toilet.  The Louisiana Marathon would fall into the … Continue reading “The Louisiana Marathon”