Learn to Run Before You Can Walk

No, I have not lost my mind. At least that is what the voices inside my head tell me. And I did not get the words out of order. This was a revelation I had while running this past Saturday. Sometimes you do need to learn to run before you can walk. I have spoken with a whole lot of … Continue reading “Learn to Run Before You Can Walk”

Convenience or Excitement

I have been fortunate to be blessed/cursed with an overactive imagination. If a psychiatrist or psychologist (still confused on the difference) was ever able to get in my head, I imagine a fancy white coat that ties in the back would be in my future. Thankfully, I have stayed off the therapist couch┬áso I am safe. But my imagination has … Continue reading “Convenience or Excitement”

The 3 DNF’s

I honestly do not know how many races I have done. I started running during the 70’s running boom, and it seemed like there was a 5K or 10K somewhere every weekend. And for you young ones out there, that was before we had this new fangled interwebs thing. So looking up old results to figure out what I have … Continue reading “The 3 DNF’s”