A Message from Lara About St. Jude

I would love to take credit for my daughter’s genius brain and her passion for medicine and helping others.  But that would go against my philosophy of only writing mostly true stories on this blog.  I can say that she has inherited her charitable attitude from Christine and myself. Right now she is the Executive Director of LSU’s St. Jude … Continue reading “A Message from Lara About St. Jude”

Why I Haven’t Blogged

Contrary to popular Timbeaux folklore I am really an introvert.  I don’t like giving speeches.  I don’t like making up things to talk about.  And I sure don’t like talking about myself.  And that is in person or on the phone or even my blog. Now hold on a minute there partner!  I’m looking at a blog with over 800 … Continue reading “Why I Haven’t Blogged”

Goldenfliers Race Report

99.72% of my training consists of unsupported solo runs.  That is a lot of time to think and plan for all of the stupid ideas I come up with.  A while back I was trying to figure out my long run for this weekend.  I knew I wanted to run 30-35 miles and I was hoping to run some with … Continue reading “Goldenfliers Race Report”

Epic 104: Motivation

So you have chosen a goal, weighed the sacrifices, and come up with an ambitious plan to conquer your goal.  Now you are probably thinking, “How in the hell am I going to keep going?”  Well, that is a very good question and at some point in your training it will have to be answered. Let’s be honest.  If this … Continue reading “Epic 104: Motivation”