Tiny House Living

Sometimes when Christine and I are perusing the multitude of channels and TV shows, we come across the tiny house shows. Interesting concept.

  • Little bitty house
  • Move it where you want
  • Low bills
  • Etc etc etc

And then you cook red beans and rice for dinner with a six pack of beer. Time to call in the guys in the hazmat suits to defunk the tiny space you are living in.  I mean seriously.  How do you take a crap in that little thing?

Since the beginning of June, we have been remodeling our master bathroom and replacing the bedroom and hallway floors. This has slowly shrunk our house as we were forced out of each room.  Pretty soon we will be eating, sleeping and living in the half bathroom off the kitchen!  Unfortunately, the changing habitat has also shrunk the few hours of sleep I get each night and the resulting fatigue is getting ridiculous.

But I know there is a time limit on this project.  So I am using the sleep deprivation and work stress as part of my training.  There is a concept in long distance running of training on tired legs to build your physical and mental endurance.  So I imagine running on a tired everything is just as good.

As I was doing an eight mile run this morning (recovery week), I kept telling myself that all this work and pain will pay off in October.  And I will keep telling myself that until I cross that damn finish line.

By the way, thanks to Rebecca Lile for making a donation to my GUT IT OUT FOR CROHN’S fundraiser!

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