Hot as Balls

There is an ongoing debate, primarily between the voices that reside in my head, as to why the training for this particular race is kicking my ass so severely. It’s not like I haven’t trained for stupidly long races before. So what is making this time more difficult than usual?

What is the deal with my training issues?

There is not really anything I can do about not having a bigger run base or the free cup of coffee with my AARP card. And the remodeling SHOULD be done within a week so I can move back into my bedroom and get my house back to normal. As far as the hot as balls weather…. I’m doing what I can.

Most of my running these days starts about 4:00 in the morning. But even that sucks. On Monday, it was 83 degrees with 100% humidity when I ran. I finished 4 miles and looked like I just got out of a pool. Last Saturday, I ran 12 miles starting at 4:45 AM. Before I ran, I weighed 169.5 pounds. After I ran and drank about 60-70 ounces of water, I weighed 163.5 pounds. I lost 6 frickin’ pounds in less than 2 hours! I guess I need to strap one of those Kentwood water bottles to my back next time and mainline my hydration.

But I am hoping that all of this heat training will pay off. And this mornings run gave me a little hope. It was only 73 degrees with 90% humidity when I ran. My 6 mile run actually felt…..good. That has not happened a lot this summer with any of my runs. So there is hope.

For the rest of the summer I will just keep logging the miles and putting in the training. But I am looking forward to the time when I am asked about how my run went and I do not start the reply with “It was hot as balls.”

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