Fake It Til You Make It

Do you ever have an idea that pops in your head and after letting your imagination run wild you loudly exclaim, “THIS IS AN AWESOME IDEA!!!“?  And then reality sets in and you realize you’re screwed.

Yep.  Welcome to my world.  Back in the longest spring that Louisiana has seen in many, many, many years (low 50’s at night through April????), I had this brilliant idea to sign up for this little race.  Sure, I had plenty of time to build up my mileage from next to nothing to what was need to run 34 miles up the face of a mountain.  And with the weather we were having, things were AWESOME!!!

On May 2nd, the high temperature was 90 degrees.  And it has only gotten warmer since then. There are many days that during my morning 4 AM run, the temperature is already 80 degrees with a “real feel” of 95 plus. To be honest, if they are going to have a “real feel” category, then it needs a better description of how it really feels. For instance, 90 degrees and 99% humidity could be called “Orangutans Armpit”. If I saw that on my weather app, I would know what I was getting into.

Anyway, the bottom line is that it is hot and humid every day.  ALL DAY. So fast forward to my past few “long runs”. Usually by the 3 mile mark I begin to question the slim chance that I will finish the workout, the likelihood of suffering a heat stroke, and the consequences to my psyche of another DNF at this race. And then I make it to the 4 mile mark and start having negative thoughts. It has been beyond miserable and my running has sucked.

But I made up my mind that I would just keep suffering through these workouts until they either got easier or until I became so hard headed that I didn’t care. And with that mentality, I hit the road about 4:15 AM this past Saturday for a 14 mile run.

It was awesome. I went through the first 6 miles or so with no issues whatsoever. I swung by the house and refilled my bottle for another trip out. It wasn’t until the last mile or two when I began to feel some fatigue, but that was expected. I finished the 14.2 miles and was not completely destroyed, so I called it a success.

I know that I will probably have more soul destroying runs this summer than uplifting ones. But that’s okay. At least now I have some hope that it will all pay off in October. So I will continue to fake it til I make it.

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