Howl at the Moon

My Monday morning easy run is always interesting. It is supposed to be a recovery run to loosen up the muscles I destroyed over the weekend and to start the week on a good note. And with that plan, I headed out at 3:50 this morning on my normal route.

Because it is so early in the morning, I only use one earbud with my iPod. The theory is that I have music in one ear while listening for approaching cars, mountain lions or roving bands of clowns in the other ear. But this morning, I had a new pair of headphones and mistakenly put them in both ears. And that is what started a mile of paranoia that fed off my overactive imagination.

At about the 2.5 mile mark of my run, I made this little U-turn at Highland Road. As I was heading back up the hill away from Highland, I heard this loud scream/howl from the woods on the other side of Highland Road. It was quickly followed by several more screams and then silence.

Now for all the older readers, I was not listening to Love Rollercoaster at the time. So the scream I heard was not the woman being killed while the song was recorded. For the younger readers, Google it.

For reference, I am the orange line on this map. The red star is the location of the mysterious sound.

I continued my run looking over my shoulder every 4.7 seconds and trying to determine what I had heard. My first instinct was a pack of coyotes. They have been sighted in the area over the past few years, so it was a likely option.

Sure. That does seem like a legitimate option, but my imagination can do better than that. As I continued my run, I analyzed the howl some more. It was a little higher pitched than a full grown werewolf would be, so it must be a young werewolf. More than likely, a grown werewolf was teaching his pup how to hunt and I was now the target. Of course, it all made sense now!

As I continued running along, I imagined the werewolf pack was running through the woods following the dashed red lines. Of course, they would be waiting for me in the dark creepy section of the road where the street lights were out and the woods came next to the road.

By now, the extra headphone was out and I was on high alert. The anticipation of something bursting out of the woods was incredible. I am so glad I stopped wearing a heart rate monitor because the alarms would have gone off alerting my stalkers to my location. But I made it through.

I finished the rest of my 4 mile run with no additional sounds or animal attacks. But the question still remained: What was that sound?

So I leave it to you to give me your best guess. What do you think it was?

What was the howling/screaming I heard this morning?

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