Disturbing Foreshadowing

I attempted a run this morning. It did not go well. And it does not bode well for some events I have planned later this year. So in my usual Timbeaux form, I will dissect it and try to figure out what in the hell just happened.

My plan this morning was an easy 8 mile run. I grabbed a water bottle and headed out the door with the hope that it would just be a smooth relaxing run to start the day. Two miles in and I started walking. Seriously? What the hell is going on?

I learned long ago to do a systems check where I start with my feet and work my way up to see how I am feeling.

  • Feet/Ankles – Feel like bricks attached to my legs
  • Legs – Feels like I am running in a pool of pudding
  • Chest/Lungs – Feels like a Kia Soul is parked on my chest
  • Head – Damn allergies have me so congested I am mouth breathing only
  • Brain – Instead of its usual million miles an hour it is running at a billion miles and hour trying to figure out what is going on

So pretty much a total system failure.

Once I started walking I debated heading back to the house. Fortunately the hard headed side of my brain kept turning the other direction and adding more loops. I continued this until I ran out of water and then went home.

So why the complete crap show of a run?

I’m pretty sure overall fatigue is part of it. The past two weekends was spent driving to North Carolina, watching Mason graduate, moving his furniture back to Baton Rouge, moving his furniture to San Antonio, and driving back home. In about 10 days.  Throw in work, not sleeping much at all, and life in general and I am a little whipped right now.

I guess I will try to rest as much as I can for the next few days and see if my body can get its shit together. If not, I will just start searching for a donor body.


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