The Day the Music Died

I have been trying to get some form of a constant running routine going for a while.  Life and obligations have made it difficult, but I am trying to force the issue. One thing that usually works for me is my 4 AM run during the week.  I only do it 2 to 3 times a week and I hit the gym to do weights on 2 days.  Of course, in typical Louisiana fashion, these runs are weather permitting.

So today, I headed out at my usual time in the 70 degree 100% humidity weather. It felt lovely. I think I burst out in sweat at about stride number 7.  So much for warm weather acclimatization.  I had my trusty iPod nano (now an antique) and a single ear bud in my ear to pass the time.

I started using only one ear bud in the morning after people started reporting car break ins that were occurring in the early morning hours.  We don’t live in a bad area, but evidently some groups have been hitting our area hard in the last year or so.  A man a couple of streets over was even shot when confronting two people at 4 AM. Throw in the random middle of the day, side of the road masturbater and I want to keep at least one ear open in case someone bull rushes me.

So anyway, about a half mile into my run today, the iPod died.  Hmmm.  It’s 4 AM.  I have no visual or auditory distractions.  I have about 4 miles to go.  And my only company are the deranged thoughts in my head.  Not the relaxing mind clearing run I needed on Monday morning. Oh well.  I pressed on.

The run was pretty uneventful except for scaring the crap out of another runner near the end of my run.  This was the second run where he ran out of his driveway right before I got there and I ran him down.  It’s hard to say “Good Morning” in a whisper at 4:30 AM without scaring someone.  Sorry.  I managed to finish my 4.5 mile run without too many aches and even made it to work for 5:30.

In the past month or two, I have been seriously considering nuking this blog. I started it in 2005 while training for my first Ironman and posted regularly for many years as I did triathlons and ultra marathons.  But things have changed……drastically.  So the debate on continuing it continues.

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