Goal 1 Accomplished

Wow. It took me over 3 months to accomplish one of the goals on my list. That does not bode well considering there are 4 others on the list and only 2.5 months left in the year. Oh well, we will see.  So what is the mysterious first goal on my list?

Twenty frickin’ pull ups.  In the not so distant past (around 2014..2015???), I tried to do one of those “Build up to <insert ridiculous number> Pull-ups” plan.  I maxed out at three.  And I think the third one was really 2.5 and I rounded up.

I have never had a lot of upper body strength. Add to that my orangutan length arms and it takes a lot to move my body up that far. But after starting to lift weights around March of 2016, I have been adding pull ups into my routine. And this year I decided to go for the magic number 20.

Here is the proof:

If you count correctly, I even did an extra one.

So what is next on my list? One of the four other things listed above.  But with Mason’s senior year of swimming cranked off, it will be a struggle to hit any of them.

But we will see.

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