Good or Bad Omen

As I rolled out of bed at 3:39 this morning, I did not know what to expect with regards to my morning run. Why did I get up at 3:39? Because I had been laying there since 3:07 trying to decide when to get up and 3:39 was the winning number.  It’s a Hutchinson thing.

My running as of late has not been too spectacular. And by “as of late” I mean the past 16 months or so. There has been zero consistency, zero speed and for many weeks zero miles. I just haven’t found a carrot big enough to keep my focus and motivation. But I keep trying. And today was another chance to hit the road, get in a few miles, and have a good run.

After accidentally forgetting to turn off the house alarm when I opened the door (sorry Christine), I hit the road and actually felt pretty good. The weather was comfortable. My pace was decent and the miles were rolling by. I felt good enough to add in a couple of extra streets here and there and before I knew it I was over 4 miles in and headed back to the house.

A quick point of clarification. When I said my running has not been spectacular, it was not an exaggeration. I have gone from training for ultras to my long runs being less than a 10K. Oh well. I’ll get there again.

So I am headed back to the house and I hear and owl or a parliament of owls (had to google that) hooting right behind me. My first thought was that the criminals who have been breaking into cars in our neighborhood spotted me and were sending out a warning. Okay. That was actually serious because a few weeks back a man investigating someone breaking into his car was shot at 4:30 AM. And it was less than a quarter mile from my house on the street I was currently running on.

But I then quickly realized that no one who would be breaking into cars at 4:30 in the morning could replicate an owl or a parliament of owls so precisely, so I blew it off and kept running.

And then it hit me. Literally. As I was passing under a tree, a big drop of water hit me directly on the top of the head.


A big drop of water.

A big drop of thick water.

A big drop of thick water when it has not rained in Baton Rouge for a couple of weeks.


I kept running and made it back to the house with a nice 5 miles done. And that is when I discovered that evidently I had scared the shit our of the parliament of owls too.

Which leads me to my question? Is it a good omen or a bad omen if a bird shits on you at 4:30 in the morning?

I am going to go with good.

Have a nice day.

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