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I wrote in my last blog post about how I have turned into a bodybuilder and given up running.  Okay, not exactly but I have been lifting weights much more than I have been running. Fortunately with the less than furnace like temperatures in the past few weeks, my running has been more consistent and my pace is coming around a bit.

So this morning my plan was to do a longish run. Longish is a relative term depending on my level of endurance. My current level of run endurance ranks somewhere close to the little piles left in the backyard by my dog.  So a seven mile run definitely qualifies as longish. And that was the plan.

(Cue the crappy sleep routine) Typically I have 3 to 4 nights each week where I sleep like crap. I don’t know the reason for it and I don’t feel like going to get in some sleep chamber so people can watch me not sleep. I am still able to function, so life goes on. Last night was the sleep for a few hours straight then start the 5-10 minutes of sleep/30 minutes awake interval set. The great part about this routine is that I remember my weird dreams!

For instance, last night Coach Simpson, Mason’s swim coach at Gardner-Webb University, moved me to left tackle on the football team. Let’s analyze this a bit:

Head Swim Coach

Left Tackle

Football Team

49 years old

6′-0″ tall & 157 pounds

Does anyone else see the problem with this scenario? I guess Coach Simpson needs some help on a pee-wee football team somewhere.

Anyway, the downside to the multiple hours laying awake is the abundance of time for formulating excuses to not go run. By the time I actually got up, I had enough to fill a pretty large fishbowl and could just choose one.

And then Lara got up to head out for wedding planning activities. And Christine got up to go walk (still fighting hamstring issues). So hell, I guess I will try to go run. But I wasn’t going to run fast. I would just take it slow, not look at my watch and just put in the 7 miles however long it took. A 9:00 to 9:30 min per mile pace would be fine.

So I took off. And I didn’t look at my watch. Until I did look at my watch. And my fourth mile was 8:15. Well shit. I can’t slow down now. I will just hold that pace and finish my 7 miles.  At least that was the latest plan. Try to hold that pace.

The problem is that as I was trying to “hold” that pace I was actually speeding up. I kept telling myself “Legs feel strong, cardio is good.” That was my mantra to stay steady and not gas myself. And at the time, my heart rate was pretty steady.  That is until I was at about 7 miles (miscalculated my route).

There was a man and a large dog in the front yard of a house. I am pretty sure he has an invisible fence set up. I know for sure that the dog said piss off to the invisible fence and decided he wanted a piece of my calf for breakfast. This is the only view of the dog I remember.


The owner got control of the dog while apologizing to me. I got away with all body parts intact and told him no worries. But my heart rate had hit the roof. It took half a mile to get it back under control and by then I was almost home.

I ended up with 8 miles total and splits of 7:50, 7:43 & 7:45 for the last 3 miles. After laying in bed not wanting to run, it ended up pretty nicely.


Motto for the day: Skip the excuses and go find a heart rate accelerant. You will feel better afterwards.

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