Change is Good?

They say change is good. I am sure there are thousands of self-help books, blogs and gurus who will tell you that change is good. But if change is so good, why do most people keep doing the same thing over and over?


I am a man of routine. From a very early age, I started waking up at the butt crack of dawn. Because of this I cannot sleep late unless I am in a drug induced coma.  The kids call it the Hutchinson curse since they are unable to sleep late either (Sorry Lara & Mason).

Since I moved back from Texas when I was around 23 years old, I started getting to work before 5 AM every day. For the past 10 years, I have gotten to work around 4 AM. That is until earlier this year………….

Change Number One was volunteering to go in to work at 6 AM and work a little later to solve some scheduling problems. Sounds great huh?  I could sleep later! Or not. (See above)  I still wake up before 4 AM every morning, so now I have time in the morning to kill.  Since mowing the yard or playing on Mason’s drum set was quickly nuked by the Homeowners Association, I had to find something else to do.

Change Number Two was heading to the YMCA with Christine and lifting weights before work!

The only similarity I have with this guy is the shininess of our heads!

I am sure most people who really know me don’t actually believe that. Weights and my body have never really gotten along very well (something to do with the inverse proportion of my monkey arm length to limited muscle mass). The few times in my life I have attempted a strength routine have fizzled out rapidly due to extreme pain followed by utter despair with how weak I was. But this time has been different. With a lot of motivation from Christine & friends, I have stuck with it for four or five months now. And I am getting stronger.

But that has lead to Change Number Three. My running has gone to shit. Period. I guess it is a good thing that the Leatherwood Ultra is not being put on in 2017 because my redemption would be in jeopardy!  I have been trying to work running into the “new routine”, but when I hit the road I feel lethargic and pathetic. I know the heat is part of it, but I have run through the summer before. I guess I will have to wait for the first cool snap (ie. Hell Freezing Over) to jump start my running again. It should be easier because of…..

Change Number Four. Christine & I have changed some of our eating habits and I have dropped about 15 pounds of flubber. With my body style, it does not take long to develop my “toothpick that swallowed a watermelon” look if my training slacks off. And I was headed that direction quickly!

We are not really dieting per se as much as trying to eat more protein and more healthy snacks. Of course, I still have my glass of red wine each night (for medicinal purposes only). But all in all I have been pleased with the weight loss and feeling lighter.

So that leads back to the question: Change is Good? In my case, I would say yes. It has been painful at times and hard to adjust to, but I think I will be in much better shape when I tackle my next challenge.

And before anyone asks, I don’t know what that is yet!


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