The Aftermath of a DNF

Yep. It still stings a bit. And I am not going to lie and say I haven’t second guessed everything I did last Saturday. I think I have gone over every step I took, every mistake I made, and whether I should have just kept going until I dropped by the side of the trail. And trust me, that last one burns the most.

I have always like the ripping off a band-aid analogy. The faster it is, the more intense the pain but for a shorter duration. This DNF recovery appears to be the slowest band-aid removal ever. Because from what the race director told me, there is no race next year. So at best, I have 2 years for this black mark to be on my “resume”. Slowest. Band-aid. Ever.


On a positive note, my ankles are much better. I can also climb and descend steps again, so that is an improvement. I am still amazed at the lack of muscular strength in my legs with respect to the climbing. Oh, well. More to ponder over the next two years.

So what now? Well, I have decided to keep my fundraising site for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation active for a good while. That charity hits so close to home with family and friends that I want to keep helping them out. I am also developing a new training plan for whatever the next phase will be. I still haven’t worked out all those details. But whatever I do will be to make me stronger.

I have to say this. I do not regret one minute signing up for or attempting this race. Yes, it was way more than I was ready for or capable of at the time. It didn’t take long on Saturday to show that. But if you never try, how would you know what you can do?

  • I am tired of doing things where I know the outcome.
  • I am tired of entering races just to cross the finish line and say I did another one.
  • I am tired of going through the motions just to check off a box.

So that means two things:

  1. If you see me at a local 5K, I am there for my family, friends and the beer.
  2. Everything else I do will always leave you asking, “Did he finish this one?”

And that is all. I will regroup and plan my next assault. This may be a two-year Revenge Tour, but I will conquer it.



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