One Week Out

One week from right now, the race director will say “Go” and I will be off.  That is if I can make it to the starting line in one piece.  The training for this race has been interesting to say the least. In the past few months I have had a possible cracked rib, sinus crud, a fractured toe, Achilles tendonitis, and I tried to amputate my foot with a bow saw.  Yep.  Interesting sums it up.

As per my usual routine, I started looking at the 10 day weather forecast 3 weeks ago. Yes, that is further than 10 days, but I want to have enough time to fully freak out.  As of right now, it might rain. Or it might not. It might be sunny.  Or it may be cloudy. It may be hot. Or it might be mild.  Or it might be cold.  Basically, weather prediction appears to be based on weathermen getting drunk, passing around a magic 8-ball and asking stupid questions. And then they go on the news and tell their predictions!


It doesn’t matter anyway because I cannot change the weather.

I did my gear test yesterday with what I will wear for the race. What that means is that for the first minute of the race, I will feel comfortable. Once I hit the first hill, mud bath or stream crossing then all of that goes out the window. If something can rub a whole somewhere on my body, it will. Oh well, I will worry about that during the post race shower.

Somehow in the next 7 days I have to forget the fact that I am under-trained for this race. I need the hard-headed, mule mode Timbeaux to take over and force me up those mountains. Because he is the only one who can tell my body to shut the hell up and keep moving.

One thing Christine and I discussed is that we will have to laugh and smile as much as we can during this race. Because the bottom line is that we signed up for it. I know I planned it as a fundraiser for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, but if I can’t enjoy it then what is the point.  By the way, I changed my goal to $9,684.00 dollars which is how many feet I have to climb during this race.

As a side note, I plan on bringing my GoPro with me during the race. No, I will not have it mounted on my head documenting every step of the 31 miles. “That would be an AWESOME 8-9 hour video” said no one ever.  I do plan on breaking it out for some of the scenic views and photos of ridiculous insanity (the mountain I fell down, etc.). I will throw them in my race report when all of this is over.

Until then, pray that I make it to the starting line.

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