A Family Affair

On your marks…..get set……. Hey, wait a minute. Didn’t I already start this race? Of course I did. But now it’s turn for Christine to start her race!

I think there is a saying about couples who do stupid things together stay together. Or something like that. Not sure that is the exact wording but it applies here. Christine has just started the 10 mile run which has over 2000 feet of climbing in it! Let the games begin!

Those of you who know Christine are probably thinking….. 10 miles should be nothing for her. And you would be correct. She has run marathons. She did a Half-Ironman triathlon. She chased 3 kids around (Lara, Mason & Me). She is tough as nails, so this should be no problem.


The issue is that for the past year and a half, she has been fighting back, hip and leg problems. That’s the reason we WALKED the marathon last year. And even though things are “better”, she still has to go to physical therapy each week. Did I mention she is tough as nails?

So unfortunately what should be a walk in the park for her may be a little more challenging. So do me a favor please. Say a quick prayer that she has a safe race. She will finish. And she will probably be smiling the whole time. But it will be a challenge none the less!


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