Interesting Twist

I looked at my training log from last week and the total mileage was 0.2 miles. For those who are numerically challenged, I will spell it out.  ZERO POINT TWO MILES!

Now, I had planned this as a recovery week because we would be traveling to Athens for Mason’s Conference swim meet.  Speaking of the swim meet……..

Are you frickin’ kidding me? Less than 3 years ago he was lying in a hospital bed with Crohn’s worrying about the end of his swim career and this past weekend he kicked ass!

With the addition of two new teams to the conference, the competition was even more intense this year. But through some serious grit, excellent coaching and a lot of screaming support, he finished 5th in the 500 free, 11th in the 400 IM, and 10th in the 200 fly.  And he set a new Gardner-Webb school record in the 500 free!

After he broke the school record!

All of the Gardner-Webb swimmers swam great breaking 19 school records and placing 4th in both the men’s and women’s competition!  WITHOUT DIVERS! (That adds a lot of points that we cannot compete for). So to all the G-Dubb swimmers….awesome job!

2015-2016 Gardner-Webb Swim Team

Anyway………before I left on Wednesday, I went for a short run to see how my ribs/lungs would feel. Yep, I skipped the story about doing a face plant on Bluebonnet on the previous Saturday’s long run. I also skipped the part where I either bruised my ribs or pulled a muscle in my chest that same day. So now you are caught up. So I started this short little test run on Wednesday, and I couldn’t breathe without sharp pains. Total distance: 0.2 miles.

I’m sure it will get better, I thought, so I packed my running clothes for the trip.  And they stayed in this position all week.

Unopened Workout Bag.

At one point I actually considered running in between sessions and then I sneezed on the way back to the hotel Friday night. And it hurt. Really, really bad. Break out in cold sweats from the pain bad. Pull over and let Christine drive back to the hotel bad. What is the maximum non fatal dose of ibuprofen bad.  You get the picture. It was bad. So any idea of running on the trip went out the window.

As the rest of the weekend went on, the pain eased up except for when I pushed on my chest or lay on it. Note to self: don’t push on your chest or lay on it. We made the 8.5 hour drive back on Sunday and it was there but not painful anymore.

When I got home from work Monday evening, I had to test it. I mean seriously…..I had to test it. If I have any chance of finishing this race two months from today, I have to get moving. I don’t have any more time to take off to heal up. So I went out for a short 2-3 mile run and it was tolerable. So I kept running and put in 6 miles.

I can feel it now but only in a dull aching knot in my chest kind of way. The broken rib piercing my lung and extruding from my chest feeling hasn’t occurred again since the sneeze.

What’s funny is that I was waiting for this to happen. Every time I do an event where I raise money for a charity, something always happens. I have had dislocated ribs, plantar fasciitis, and broken toes. Something always jumps up and reminds me of what I said the first time of did a charity event:

If I am going to do this race, then let my suffering ease someone else’s pain.

So I guess it’s time to suffer some more. God always find’s a way to add an interesting twist to my fundraising and training.




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