Failed Test

I am not ashamed to admit that I cried in the shower this morning. I always get emotional during the holiday season. The kids are back in town, family gets together, and we get to enjoy all the celebrations the season has to offer. On top of that, Lara & Christine are headed to New Orleans to shop for a wedding dress today!

Of course, none of those are the reasons I cried in the shower this morning. Just wanted you to think I was about to get all sappy. No, I went on a longish run this morning while it was dark and 35 degrees.

Because of my usual time constraints, I took off early dressed for the first time this season in my “cold weather gear“. I put it in quotes because it is usually made up of whatever I can throw on and be able to take off when it warms up to 98 degrees 20 minutes into the run (Welcome to Louisiana).

For my route this morning, I mapped out a new path into some nearby subdivisions and brought the map with me. Did I mention it was dark when I started running? And no head lamp either. Anyway, I managed to find my way using street lamps and my poor sense of direction (always get lost on runs….ask Christine). Before I knew it, I was crossing back over to my side of the tracks with about 4.5 miles done.

That was when I had to adjust my shorts for the first time because of some “rubbing.” (I wasn’t rubbing myself…the shorts were rubbing.) I continued on with a few more adjustments and finished my 8.5 miles in time to see Christine & Lara off. Once they were gone, it was time for the test. The Shower Test. A Failed Test.

As soon as the water hit my undercarriage, I knew I had made a tragic mistake. Five thousand ants armed with razor blades attacked my inner thighs and other sensitive skin in the general vicinity. And so I cried. And screamed. And bit my lip in two. And soon it was over.

At least until the water found a new path and the joy started all over again! You would think after all the years of running, I would have planned for this. Yep, stupid is as stupid does. But I am still stuck in the mindset that I am not really running that far yet, so I don’t need to take those precautions.

Note to self: You are now running long enough to break out the Body Glide.

It’s funny the things you can learn taking a shower after a long run. Do you know what else I learned: Exfoliating body wash and raw, bleeding skin do not mix. Who would have thought that?


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