As I mentioned in a previous post, I am not real big on New Year’s Resolutions. Most of them are ridiculously unrealistic and you are doomed before you start. So I am going to skip the list. My plan for 2016 is something that I struggled with in 2015……Consistency.

I could roll out a list of excuses for my lack of consistency, but frankly…..they would just be a list of excuses. I’ll just chalk up my inconsistent year to laziness, apathy and overall lack of focus. Period. The first step is admitting you are lazy. The next step is to get off your ass and change it. And I better change it soon. One of the major training rules for long distance running is building a good base. And that is accomplished by slowly and consistently building your miles.

Unfortunately, that slowly part may have to be abbreviated because I have a race to run. And that’s when bad things can happen (tendinitis, stress fractures, etc.) So my challenge will be to build my miles fast enough to be prepared for the race but not too fast that I get injured. You would figure I had learned this a long time ago.

But I also want to work on my consistency in all parts of my life…, friends, work, church, living life. It seems like everything I do is in surges. My throttle is either fully open or shut off. I need to find that happy median for every aspect of my life. And that is the plan for 2016. We will see how well I do with this non-resolution.

By the way, here are some photos to recap 2015: The Year That Was a Blur!


Happy New Year To You All!!!


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