Missing Element

Do you ever do something or go somewhere and think to yourself, “What is missing”? That’s how I have felt for the past few years with my racing and then lack of racing. From 2005 to 2012, I was raising money for one charity or another as a part of my insane adventures. Then after my failure at Rocky Raccoon (2012), I stopped. I don’t really know why, but finishing the race in 2013 became more important to me. Unfortunately, that was not the agreement I had made with myself.

While watching an Ironman Triathlon World Championship on TV, I made the remark that the only way I would do a race like that was if I could raise money for charity while doing it. Lo and behold, at Ironman Florida in 2005 that is what I did. And I enjoyed it. I had this simple theory:

If I am going to be in pain, even if it is self inflicted,

then I should try to relieve someone else’s pain.


That thought is what drove me to train when I didn’t want to. That is what drove me to do increasingly moronic challenges to raise money. The bigger the chance of an epic failure, the bigger the chance that someone would donate to the charity I was raising money for. Running a 50K trail run on Saturday and finishing the Rouge Roubaix 100 mile bike race on Sunday….who does that shit? But it worked. The more I hurt, the more people donated (y’all are some sadistic folks out there.)

Right now I am looking uphill at some serious pain. In my current shape, this 50K with it’s ridiculous amount of climbing is a daunting affair. I am expecting pain, so it is time I work on relieving others of pain. And with seeing first hand the pain that Crohn’s Disease can inflict on someone, I have chosen the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America as my charity of choice. If you don’t know the story, my son Mason was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2013. Now he is one of the toughest men I know and it still brought him to tears and put him in the hospital for 10 days. You can read about it more on this post.

Gut It Out For Crohn's


All of the charities I have raised money for have been personal to me. But this one hits me even harder. Because I will be pushing myself on this race, I am calling this fundraiser “Gut It Out For Crohn’s“. If you have the means and can donate, please do. You can click the picture on the side or go here. If you can’t, then say a prayer that those battling with the disease find some relief.

Crohn’s Disease is one of those invisible diseases that you may not even know someone has. But the emotional and physical struggle can be overwhelming. I will keep you posted on my fundraising progress and any “special forms of torture” I can come up with for myself.

I think I have found the missing element…….helping others.


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