And the Winner Is

The voters have spoken and the winner is……..


I was actually pretty shocked that there were 84 votes on my poll!  The Leatherwood Ultra got 29 votes followed by a big push from the Illinois Marathon folks with 16 votes.  The other races had a pretty even sampling.  What would have been really interesting is if some deranged group added The Barkley Marathons or The Badwater 135 to the list and then flooded them with votes! I think I may have actually soiled my pants on that one.

But in case you were wondering if this was just one of those “just for show fake polls”, I already signed up.

Leatherwood Entry

Yep. If I am going to run a 50K anytime in the near future, I need to get off my ass and get training! I did manage to run 4.75 miles on Saturday, so I am well on my way! At least if you can consider 4.75 miles as close to 31 miles.

On a positive note, it has already got my adrenaline flowing and I am ready to get back to racing.  I mean how could it not?  With pictures like the one above and trails like the one below, I am ready to head up there now and give it a shot!


And just to show you how persuasive I am, Christine has signed up to run the 10 miler too! Not sure who will be driving us home on Sunday if we are both in pain, but I will worry about those little details later! Right now, I just need to work on my training plan to get ready.

Woo-hoo!  Let the festivities begin!

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