The Amorphous Plan

How many blog posts will I write about not training properly and having no motivation to get my ass out the door on a regular basis?  I don’t know.  Someone count them for me and add one for this post.

Here’s the deal.  I can follow a workout plan for a race to the letter.

  • Swim 4 miles followed by a 12 mile run with 50 burpees each mile?  Sure.
  • Ride 72 miles on a unicycle followed by hill repeats running backwards while eating vienna sausages? Sure.
  • Run back to back insanely long runs while experimenting with dehydration and electrolyte depletion causing bone crippling cramps? Sure.


I can even create a workout plan for myself to race any distance from a 5K to 100 miles with only a moderate to severe amount of insanity.  The problem is:

I still don’t have a frickin’ race picked out!


So right now here is my current amorphous plan:




Monday – Strength training Legs/Shoulders

Tuesday – Run

Wednesday – Strength training Chest/Abs/Biceps

Thursday – Run

Friday – Strength training Back/Triceps

Saturday – Run

Sunday – Recover


And here is reality:

Monday – Spend the day talking myself into going to the Y to do strength training. Actually go.

Tuesday – Run.  Too early in the week to come up with a good excuse not to.

Wednesday – I can still feel the run, so that is an excuse to just go home.  50/50 shot that I will do strength training.

Thursday – Check lunar calendar to see if it was a blue moon last night.  If so, go run.

Friday – You’ve got to be kidding me. Time for a nap.

Saturday – Exchange run for tailgating.  Enter 3 miles of walking and drinking into log as 10 miles at 6:05 min pace.

Sunday – Recover (from what?)


Yep.  I am long past the “pick a race and start training” phase.  So on Thursday I am going to open up a poll so you can vote or even add your own ideas.  I will pick a race soon!


So please come back and vote.



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