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I have decided to ask for help.  As you may have deduced from previous posts, here is the problem:


No fitness level to race = No race on calendar = No training plan = No consistent training = No fitness = No fitness level to race (Rinse & Repeat)


Yep, that about sums it up.  So I have decided to ignore the fitness level part and just find a race.   And you are going to help find me a race (please).


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This poll includes a few of the races I have found so far.  You will notice that they are all trail races, in the spring and mostly in the Southeast.  I do have some personal and work events to maneuver around, so I can’t just choose anything.  But you will also notice in the poll that YOU can add an event.  So if you know of one, add it!  It may be the race that I sign up for!

My goal is to pull the trigger soon.  Especially if I am looking at the early spring time frame. Remember that no fitness part up there?  Yep, my long run is about 3.74 miles right now.  And I am averaging about 3.3 miles per week lately.  Yes.  That means I am only running once a week.

So how do I think I can get ready for a marathon or longer distance by early spring?  It’s just what I do.  It takes equal parts stupidity, hard-headedness and creative training.  The first two come pretty easy for me.  So I think I can pull the creative training out of my……. well, whichever orifice it is currently hiding in.

So I have a deal for you.  Help find me a race and I will abuse myself enough to make it to the starting line with at least a minimal chance of finishing.



And if you can, get others to vote.  Especially if you know some ultra runners that can appreciate my particular brand of masochism.

And whatever race is chosen, this will once again be my theme song:

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3 thoughts on “Find Me A Race

  1. Voting is closed but I suggest the Illinois Marathon too! Friendliest group of spectators you’ll ever find! 🙂

  2. Illinois Marathon is a great flat race near the end of April. We have a
    Marathon I-Challenge where you run a 5k Friday night, then the marathon Saturday morning. It’s a great race environment with a lot of spectator support. Come check it out!

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