End of a Series

In December of 1990, my little sister, Wendi, bought me a book called “The Eye of the World” by Robert Jordan.  I was always a big reader and loved reading trilogies or series books.  This particular book was the first in a series called “The Wheel of Time”.

Last night I started reading the 14th and final book in this series.  And I am not quite sure how I feel about that.  I have been reading this series for 25 years now!  When Christine bought me the final book, I decided to go back and read all the others first to remember everything that happened.  It was my own form of Netflix binge watching, but it took 8 months and more effort than sloth like couch sitting.  And now I am on the last episode of the last season.  The finale.  The end of the series.

And then it really hit me.  My life right now is on the last episode of a season.  The finale.  The end of a series.

No, I am not dying.  Well actually I am, but we all are.  I always remember the line from the Masonic Funeral service, “It is a melancholy fact, that as soon as we begin to live at that same moment we begin to die.”  But again, I am not dying.

No, the past few months have been exciting episode after episode leading up to a grand finale (1 month long) later this summer.  Let’s see.  This may or may not be in chronological order.

  • Lara graduated from LSU with a degree in Biological Sciences (magna cum laude)
  • Christine & I sold our house in Gonzales and moved back to Baton Rouge
  • Mason moved back home after his first year of college in North Carolina
  • Lara got engaged to Logan

Yep, you read the last one correctly.  My little princess is engaged.  Seriously.


Yep, it has been a whirlwind summer for us.  So what can be in this grand finale?  [Spoiler Alert: Don’t read any further if you don’t want to know.]

The Grand Finale is about moving on.  In the middle of July we will be moving Lara to Shreveport for 4 years of medical school.  Some time in those 4 years, she will be getting married and starting her life with Logan.  In the middle of August, Mason will be heading back to North Carolina for his second year as a student and swimmer for Gardner-Webb University.  More than likely, he will be staying up there next summer to work and train.  The reality is that this will be the last time we are all living in the same house.

And that is one of those happy/sad things.  I couldn’t be more thrilled with all that my children have accomplished.  And I am proud of every single thing they do.  But this definitely has the feel of an ending of sorts.

Now fortunately for us, our show didn’t get cancelled.  Nope.  It has spun off several new series with different plot lines and some new characters.  I have even come up with some potential titles for them:

  • Boudreaux Goes to Medical School
  • #ihateland: Waterworld 2
  • Lifestyles of the Bald & Shameless
  • Lara Hutchinson: Tomb Resuscitator
  • Sea Giraffe: The Fish, the Myth, the Long Lanky Legend
  • Old Man Meets World
  • The Running Dead
  • Tim & Christine Make a ………..

I can’t predict what will happen in my kids lives any more than a weatherman can predict weather.  But the beauty of our situation is that Christine & I will be the writers, directors and producers of our new show.  We can do whatever we want.

Unlike the book I will finish reading soon and close forever, for us we are just turning the page to a new chapter.  And God only knows what genre this chapter will be!

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