I Get Knocked Down

It wasn’t long after I crossed the finish line of Rocky Raccoon that life started throwing crap at me.  That’s probably why I haven’t posted on my blog since the race.  The sad part is that there have been lots of good things happening which are more than worthy of writing a post about.  But the dark clouds that rolled in made it tough to put even the positive things on this site.

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I am not going to go into the events of the year.  It’s just life.  Everyone has their own burdens to bear.  We have ours.  And in the words of Forrest Gump, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

I am sure everyone wants to know about all of my awesome feats of running or other insane races or challenges.  I mean my tag line is “From couch to 5K to Ironman to Ultramarathons”!  Unfortunately, I’m back at the couch level again.  Well not really because I did run about 4 miles the other day……..slowly……and pathetically.  So maybe I am at the 5K level again.

I have talked many times about switching to Mule Mode to get things done.  Head down.  Focus.  Press on.  That is how I have made it this far into the year.  But I think I need to switch modes.  I don’t really have a name for it yet, but let’s just say it’s time for me to start swinging back.

If you have any suggestions for the “It’s time to kick some ass” mode, then please feel free to comment below.  Mule Mode has always been so easy to explain, so make it simple.

Until then, please stay outside of my swing radius (I have orangutan length arms).



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