Better Off Not Knowing?

I remember as a kid, I hated getting shots.  Not surprising since I don’t know of any kid who does.  But if I knew it was coming, I would be so tense and petrified that I don’t know how the nurse or doctor ever held me down long enough to give me the shot.  But then one time I had to get a tetanus shot.  Everyone told me how much they hurt (thanks everyone!), so I was especially anxious when the nurse came in with the 4 foot long needle.

She was a very robust and strong woman, and when she grabbed my arm I knew there was no sense in struggling.  She began to squeeze my arm like a boa constrictor and told me on the count of 3 she would give me the shot.  ONE………TWO……….all done.  Huh?  What happened to THREE???????  What about the shot??????  Is this some twisted Russian Roulette crap?  Nope.  She had already given me the shot and I didn’t feel a thing.  She just smiled at me and left the room.

Seriously?  That was it?  That didn’t hurt at all.  The build up and drama of getting the shot was far worse than the actual shot.  I could have saved a lot of anxiety if I had not known anything about it.  Unfortunately one of the downsides of an overactive imagination is imagining the most painful things in the world.

Right now I am about 9 weeks out from the Rocky Raccoon 100 mile trail run.  And I am having a dilemma.  On one hand I am imagining what the weather may be like and what the last 40 miles will feel like.  On the other hand, I remember vividly how the first 60 miles felt including the agony of miles 45 to 60.  (Read the report here.)

So what is worse…….knowing how painful it will be beforehand allowing ample time for anxiety and nausea or blindly running into the brick wall praying that either you will be knocked unconscious quickly or that the wall will disintegrate from your awesomeness?

Right now I am stuck with the former.  9 more weeks to prepare my mind, body & soul.


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