Run Canceled

I have always been able to lower my head and grind out the training miles no matter where I am or how many times I have to pass the same cow.  Thanks to a combination of music, podcasts and a rich fantasy life, I can usually zone out and just keep trudging along.  Many of my friends have commented on my lack of diversity in training routes and questioned my sanity.  And for good reason.

My sanity is slowly slipping away.  Do you ever play the “Spot the 6 differences” game in the Sunday paper?  Mason & I always do that along with the headache inducing 3-D image picture that I can only see 42% of the time.

As I looked back at my training for the month of September, all 191 miles of it, the maps reminded me of this game.  The images below are in reverse chronological order and range from 3.3 miles up to 20.1 miles in length.  See if you can find the 6 different courses!

That picture says at least 1000 words, so I will skip them.  One trend I have noticed in the past few weeks is a little disturbing.  “I have to go run” and “I need to go run” have taken the place of “I want to go run”.  And I love to run.  Part of this is because of the amount of miles I am putting in (on the same terrain).  Part of it is because of some family related “stuff” that is happening.  Part of it is because I concentrate on DBAP & HTFU too much (I am training to run 100 miles!!).  And part of it is because my body is wearing down from the training.

Last week I got a Facebook message from my friend, Burke, which said “You feeling ok?”  Burke ran and finished Rocky Raccoon this year and is training for another 100 right now.  Evidently he picked up on my funk from some comments I had posted.  The answer……….not really.

I am very close to the point in my training last year when I ended up with the stress fracture in my leg.  And that also worries me.  I have been trying to use the foam roller every night and to put it bluntly, “It kicks my ass every night.”  It’s definitely a hate/hate relationship.  But I know I need to do it, so I do.  Preventative maintenance will get me to the starting line in one piece.

But now I need to do some preventative maintenance on my motivation.  I need to get off the road.  I need a change of running scenery.  I need to switch back from “I need to” to “I want to”.  And the first step in that direction is cancelling my 15 mile run today.  I am just not feeling it.

Hopefully I will be feeling it again soon.

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