Ready for a Cold Front

Wet dog……….those two words alone conjure up a smell that often takes hours or even days to remove from your nasal cavities or small enclosed spaces.  Throw in whatever dead animal the dog rolled around on before getting wet,  and you have just cause for locking it outside until winter.

Unfortunately for me and my household, that smell often permeates our garage because of the “drying rack.”  And it has nothing to do with the dog.

Long ago Christine banished my workout clothes to the garage for an undisclosed period of time because of the overall wetness and rankness they reeked of.  Before the drying rack, the dog would even run from their vicinity and snort repeatedly in the vain attempt to un-smell the smell.  Of course, it used to be only occasionally that I would soil my workout clothes so severely.

Swimming and cycling clothes do not hold onto the smell nearly as badly because of the chlorine (swimming) and air flow (cycling) conditions.  But running?  My poor running clothes.  They soak up as much of the sweat, salt, and stinky bodily byproducts that they can hold with nowhere to shed them.

This summer has been both oppressively hot and humid as well as a summer of the never ending run.  With training for Rocky Raccoon, I am on the road 5 to 6 days per week which means 5 to 6 pairs of socks, shorts and shirts.  And I have to rotate my shoes in the vain attempt to have them “dry out” in between uses.

As you can see from the picture, not only are there 3 pairs of shoes, numerous hats, shorts, and socks.  But there is also the dried up remains of the sweat creek that runs out of my garage every evening.

Right now I am tired of losing 4 to 10 pounds of water every time I go run.  I am tired of my shoes sloshing 3 miles into a run on a “dry” day.  I am tired of begging for a stray cloud to roll by or the slim chance of a shade tree.  I am tired of calculating, estimating, recalculating and always coming up short with the amount of fluids I carry.  I am tired of filling a bottle with nothing but ice and taking my first sip 2 miles later and it is hot water.  I am tired of the heat.

Right now………..I am ready for a cold front.

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