Rule Breaker

On one of my many “How I will finish Rocky Raccoon” lists of things to do, there is one item called “Run Like a Postman.”  For those of you who are either too young to know about it or too old to remember, there used to be some public service announcements concerning the Post Office that said:

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

The bottom line is that after this year’s Rocky Raccoon and the torrential downpour, I have to be prepared to run in anything.

Today I have a 21 mile run on my schedule.  And a trip to LSU to see Lara.  Because of the timing of the skit at LSU, my running window was between 6:00 AM & 10:00 AM.  Any later and I would be pushing things.  So I made all the proper preparations:

  • I prepared all my gear and nutrition for an easy “aid station” set up in my garage.
  • Clothes were laid out, GPS charged, Ipod loaded.
  • I was the designated driver last night for the Sander’s 30th anniversary.  Christine…not so much.
  • I made it to bed before 12:30 this morning.
  • Per my usual MO, I was awake before 5:00.

Everything was in place to get my run in and enjoy the rest of the day.  But then as I was quietly walking (think ninja mode) through the house at 5:15, I saw a light flash outside.  Followed by a boom.  I went to my computer and pulled up the radar and saw something that looked like this.

I was hoping it was a typical storm that was moving North to South and would blow through quickly.  So I hit animate and it slowly crept from West to East.  Damn.  Notice the time stamp of 8:00 AM.  It looked the same at 5:00 AM.  Now I had a decision to make.  Do I channel my inner postman (not in the gun wielding going postal way or the Kevin Costner stupid movie way) and head out there to be soaked for 4 hours with the possibility of some additional static cling?  Or do I crawl back in bed and move to plan B?

Wait a minute……….let me look back at my list of things to do……..hold on…….yep, there it is:

Practice running more at night.

Yeah!  That’s the ticket!  That is what I had planned all along.  The whole running this morning thing was just a diversion.  It was just to practice getting up early.  Yep.  Problem solved.

Now if I don’t get my run in tonight for whatever reason, then I will delete this post.  Because I can do that.  I am Timbeaux.

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