Path to Insanity

As I was leaving the RockedKidz Foundation meeting last night, Susan asked me about my training plan for Rocky Raccoon.  She asked if I was going to use the same self-made plan I created last year that lead to my stress fracture.  Ouch.  That left a mark.

Thanks Al & Susan for the inspiring words.  So now I am working on a new and improved self made plan that will hopefully not lead to a stress fracture.  And I am clueless.

Every “plan” I found on the internet has some aspect that will not work for me.  And then you read the fine print or a website from some ultra running guru and they say training for a 100 miler is an individual thing.  Each person’s body can handle a different amount of training so cookie cutter plans don’t work.  Well great.  Isn’t that special.

So given that theory, I will build my miles until just before something breaks.  Then I will back off 5% and hold on for dear life?????  Well that was not as hard as I thought it would be.

Game on.


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2 thoughts on “Path to Insanity

    1. Hey Stuart!
      I have Bryon’s book and refer to it often. The only problem I have with his plans is that he has a back to back run every single weekend. I like my family and I think they like me, so that would be difficult!

      I try to do a B2B at least once a month and the other weekends are single long runs.

      Experiment of one continues…..


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