Time in a Bottle

This past weekend we were in Navarre Florida for my sister-in-law’s wedding.  With the wonderful weather we had, Lorraine & David had to get married on a mini beach by the hotel instead of the real beach by the ocean.  But it was still a beautiful ceremony and a fun reception.

During the reception as they were dancing their “first dance”, Lara asked me what our wedding song was.  The answer: Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce.



That song sucks.  But not for the reasons you may think.  It is sort of like the Butterfly Kisses country song which talks about a daughter growing up and getting married.  When Lara was about to graduate from high school, that stupid song was played on the radio every 3.7 minutes.  I still hate it and refuse to listen to it.  When it does come on, I put my fingers in my ears and repeat “NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH” until I think it is over.

Nope, Time in a Bottle sucks because it is too accurate and too relative to life these days.  On Monday, my mom and dad celebrated their 50th anniversary.  50 YEARS!  That is a very big bottle of memories.  It is especially amazing with the current trend of convenience store marriages and divorces.  But the problem is that I distinctly remember their 25th anniversary which was only a few years ago.  Christine and I will celebrate our 23rd anniversary this year.  Will I wake up tomorrow and be celebrating my 50th anniversary?

Many of my friends right now have newborns or young children.  They are learning how to ride a bike, going to their first day of school, or seeing the wonders of Disney for the first time.  I see all of their pictures on Facebook and think back to when Lara & Mason were that age.

But my kids are much older.  Lara just finished her first year of college.  Her first of many, many years of college with her goal of attending medical school.  That is a far cry from her sitting in the high chair eating Cheerios and flashing her cheesy smile.

Last night, Mason & Lara were on his laptop looking at colleges where he might swim.  Colleges that were in states like California, Arizona, Texas, etc…  Places where it will be tough for me to run down the road and meet him for a burger.  But only yesterday I was screaming on the side of the pool during summer swim while he tried to swim the 12.5 yard freestyle (they used a lane rope to cut the pool in half).

Now don’t get me wrong, I have zero regrets when it comes to my children.  Christine and I have been there for everything they have done from birth until now.  Wait.  That’s a lie.  I missed Lara’s high school city swim meet in 2007 because I was doing Ironman Florida.  Sorry Lara.  I had to register 1 year in advance!!!

Anyway, I am proud of all my kids have accomplished and that we have been a part of it.  And Christine and I plan to be part of their lives as much as they will allow.  Of course we also know that they are growing up and will have more and more of their own things to do.  Such is life.

So that leaves me pondering this question.  Is the Time in a Bottle half empty or half full?

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