Half of the year is gone already!  Before we know it, it will be New Year’s Day and 2012 will be gone.  Between work, family and events, I barely have time to look up to see what day it is.  And for the next 6 weeks, it will not be getting any better.

Since I have a few minutes today, I decided to work on my strategery for Rocky Raccoon and evaluate where I stand.  After my DNF this year, I made a list of things I need to improve or change to give me a better shot at finishing the 2013 race.  I pulled out my list and it appears I still haven’t fixed my problems.

  • Add strength training to my routine – FAIL.

I tried.  I really did.  I started the 100 push-up challenge and ended up at the Neurologist getting a MRI while they looked for tumors or aneurysms.  I will try again…..without the trip to the doctor.

  • Do some hill training – FAIL

I ran 17 miles two weeks ago with an elevation gain of 7 feet.  7 feet!  I can go up the stairs at my house and match that!  I need to go run somewhere besides the pancake flat roads by my house.

  • Use the bike for recovery. – FAIL

I did ride my bike once.  Yep, I am falling back in to the trap of running, running and more running.  I have gotten in the pool twice to swim laps so I should get some credit there.

  • Back to Back runs once a month – FAIL

I will address this more in a later item, but it has to do with available time right now.

  • More trail/less road – FAIL

Looking at my training log, my last trail run was on…………okay, give me a second……..still looking……..HA!  There it is!………..February 4th………dammit…..that was Rocky Raccoon.

  • Build base early & be consistent – HUNG JURY

This is a tough one.  I have been running 30-plus mile weeks for the past 10 weeks with several of them being 40-plus miles.  The problem is that we are in serious swimming mode right now with Mason.  So there are lots of days off followed by 4 days of serious mileage.  Hopefully by the second week of August, I will be able to be more consistent.

  • Figure out my feet – FAIL…..but

I still have time on this one.  I have done a lot of research and have some plans.  But until I can test them out with some long trail runs, then I really won’t learn anything.

  • Switch from liquid fuel to solid fuel – ANOTHER FAIL……but

I have been doing my long runs with water only.  Maybe a little Gatorade.  But I have not really started experimenting.  I still have time.

  • Practice night running on trails – FAIL

I think an important component of that statement is trails.  I haven’t been on them yet!


I know I still have a lot of work to do with my training and planning, but I think I still have time.  If I refer back to this post in 5 months and all of the checklist items have FAIL, then get worried.  Until then, I will keep working towards February 2nd in the best manner I can!

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