Rain on Me

When the TV started screaming about a National Weather Service Advisory, that was my clue…….time to go run!!!  I quickly changed and told Christine I was heading out.  She said she was not running in the rain.  With it being National Running Day, I had to go.

For the first 4.5 miles, I could have easily counted the drops of rain that hit me.  After that it started to pick up a bit.  After a little over 5 miles, I headed back towards the house and around the corner comes Christine!  We crossed paths but after about 75 yards, I turned around and ran back to catch up with her.  I figured I would just run the rest with her.  She told me that she looked outside, it wasn’t raining, so she headed out.  Psyche!

We got quite a light show on the way back home and less than a quarter mile from the house, the bottom dropped out.  We made it back to the house and I decided it was time for some RR training.  She headed up the driveway and I continued down the street.

Talk about deja-vu.  It was pouring down rain, I couldn’t see much and my shoes and socks weighed an extra 10 pounds.  It was exactly what I needed with the week I have had.  It was hard not to smile as I thought about how stupid I looked to the neighbors.  But as many miles as I have covered on these little streets, looking stupid is a past tense thing.


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