The Saga Continues

I got my MRI results back yesterday and there were no signs of any bad things (tumors, clots, aneurysms, etc.).  The end theory was something called exertional headaches which unfortunately are pretty uncommon (i.e. not much research).  The doctor told me that they are not sure exactly what causes them but they think it is either vascular or something with the nervous system or both.  The “treatments” involve beta blockers, seizure medicine and/or anti-depressants.

I politely declined all of the above.  I did ask her the important questions.

  • Is something in my head going to blow up (it felt like it)?  No.
  • What is the actually headache doing (as opposed to sinus pressure, hangover, etc.)? The guess was that the blood vessels are pumping more blood and triggering the nerves around them????  (Not real sure about that one.  And I was looking for an engineering answer.)
  • Will they go away?  She said she was not treating anyone long term for them.  Most people get a favorable result on the MRI and she never hears from them again.
  • CAN I STILL RUN?  Since I never stopped and it did not cause the headaches, why not?

So let me recap.  My head will not blow up.  They will go away.  And I can still run.  That’s all I need to know.

Now for the rest of the story.  It was amazingly coincidental that the day I find out that I do not have a “Phenomenon” sized tumor in my head which could possibly cause me to levitate pens, predict earthquakes, solve world hunger and possibly be chased by the FBI who want to cut off my head for scientific study, registration opened for the 2013 Rocky Raccoon 100 miler!  Coincidence????  Or am I in the Twilight Zone (and not the stupid Vampire movie)?

After a family chat complete with some pool time and margaritas, it was decided.

Yep.  I’m in.  Now to start training, researching feet fixing, and a million other things to get ready for attempt number 2!

Rocky Raccoon…………I’m coming for you!

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