Epic 107: The Aftermath

Only you know if you succeeded or failed.  Well, maybe the other 1000 people who read your blog or follow you on Facebook and Twitter know as well (I speak from experience).

If you accomplished your goal, take time to revel in what you have done!  If it was truly epic for you then you should be overwhelmed physically, mentally and emotionally.  And that is a good thing.  Enjoy the endorphin release (not the double rainbow crying type).  Enjoy the pats on the back and the “Good Job” that people will tell you.  You earned it.

Now is a good time to reflect and remember all the hard work you did to accomplish your goal.  And it is a great time to thank all of the people who helped you along the way.  Like I said in an earlier post, you may have to do the training and racing, but a lot of people sacrifice to get you there.

Take time to recover!  A couple of days after your event you may feel great.  But your muscles and organs may still be feeling the race day.  Ease back into things to keep from hurting yourself.

And if you failed………….hmmmm, welcome to my world.  I will probably get some backlash from my friends on this one, but I consider my last epic race a failure because I DID NOT FINISH!  I am an engineer.  If you take the race car to the track and the wheels fly off 60 miles into the 100 mile test run………..it’s a failure.  You go back to the drawing board.

So if you failed, break out the slide rule and go back to the drawing board.  Figure out what lead to the failure.  Examine every aspect of the race and identify what worked and what didn’t.  Fix it.  And then go back and kick some ass.

If you failed and walk away from it forever………..I’ve got no words for that one.  That concept doesn’t even register in my brain.

If you failed, it’s simple.

  2. FIX IT




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